Patient Players

Daniel and Jordan love games, love talking about them and most of all they love you. The best gaming experiences or stories often come not from the hottest trends or newest games but from old classics that still hold up or discounted gems. Whether getting excited about bizarre crab games or finding great deals, there's always something to talk about when you're a patient player.

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EP20: Eat, Soup, and Be Merry


Have you had fried chicken this week? I know I have. Tune in this week to hear about Jordan’s health problems, Daniel’s sickly situation, and first time guest-star Samuel’s fortnights of Fortnite.

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EP19: God Gamer™ the Shivery Ghost Elf


Holiday cheer abounds and so do juicy game giveaways. Join Daniel and a special guest back from the dead to discuss games like Halo and Bioshock while we barter over and Oculus Quest with a stranger.

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EP18: Turn-Based LARPing


Between the game awards and VR madness, this episode is jam packed with excitement. What has K discovered in the void this week? How much Pokemon has Jordan played. Find out now!

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EP17: Iceborne DLC


What do you want for Christmas? Jordan and Daniel want ice-themed DLC and some self-arranged marriages during this winter seasons.

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EP16: The Xbox Game Bar


While it’s no Disney’s Bolt™, Daniel finds some more value in Microsoft’s PC offerings while Jordan plays pokemon….. Again?

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EP15: Konichiwa, Babycakes!


How many Risk of Rains fit on your hard drives, babycakes? Hear about Jordan’s dreaded cereal phenomenon and Daniel’s quest for a Quest in this week’s episode of Patient Players!

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EP14: Nice Moves, Bone Daddy


What does Pokemon Sword and Shield have in common with Daniel’s dinner? Nothing! But it makes a great segue! Tune in to this super long episode because we missed last week to hear about Metal Gear, Hearthstone, VR, and chimichangas. Minus that last one.

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EP13: Crouch Co-Op


It’s post-modern week as the Patient Players say farewell to Halloween and welcome in a new era of free and discounted games. Join Daniel, Jordan, and guest Marien as they discuss all the games from Overwatch 2 to the out-of-beta Planet Zoo

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EP12: You Can Turn the Kraken into a Chicken


Jordan and Daniel welcome a real life ghost onto the podcast for this spooky Halloween Episode.

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EP11: A Blend of Kale and Punishment


Get caught up on cookies and fitness at the same tiem with Jordan and Daniel on this week’s episode.

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