Patient Players

Daniel and Jordan love games, love talking about them and most of all they love you. The best gaming experiences or stories often come not from the hottest trends or newest games but from old classics that still hold up or discounted gems. Whether getting excited about bizarre crab games or finding great deals, there's always something to talk about when you're a patient player.

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EP40: Dak Prescott is Using Withdraw!


Dust off those monsters in your pocket because Jordan gets to talk about all things Pokemon like Cafes, MOBAs and lots of flat ground. Daniel takes a break from the quarantine to hunt monsters, experience the plague and browse the Steam summer sale.

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EP39: VR Enlightenment


What do Star Wars, Monster Hunter, and Pokemon have in common? Nothing! But Daniel didn't write the description this week so I guess I'm doing it. Join your co-hosts in this week's episode on games and stuff I guess. I mean it's the usual stuff man.

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EP38: Monchster Hunter


We hope your Monday isn't feeling maggoty--but if it is, Jordan and Daniel are here to bring in the heat in this weeks episode of all things games, deals, and a world of monster hunting.

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EP37: The Second Month of June


Come listen to these sweet new Podcast tunes courtesy of David Irizarry Music! Daniel and Jordan talk about, like, 15 different games this week, it’s a rollercoaster episode for sure!

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EP36: Brazilian Food Anime


Do you like cookies? Granny D certainly does. With a whole bunch of games to talk about Jordan and Daniel discuss wifi drivers, climbing ranks and the newest game from Mojang!

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EP35: My Very Elongated Family


“Make the description two sentences” they said. “It doesn’t have to be complicated they said” like the don't even appreciate the richness and depth of a well made description. Well join Daniel and Jordan this week as we dive into heated discussions about

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EP34: Everything In and Around the Sun


We’re live once again in week #2 of our new live podcast format! This week we dive into the newest hottest games like the Gamecube, and SNES Kirby... and Chess! Hear about the Journey’s End update to Terraria and some hot Epic Games deals this week.

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EP33: Luigi’s Mansion: Suck of the Wild


Out of NOWHERE Jordan and Daniel hit you with the first ever LIVE RECORDED Patient Players episode ever! Come pretend to see our faces as you listen to this audio-only experience.

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EP32: Jiving Right in


May the second be with you! It's a new month, which means NEW DEALS! Luckily Jordan and Daniel are here to show you what's poppin jimbo to save you from spending all those hard-earned bells.

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EP31: 1-800-Spooopy


Join Daniel and Jordan on this week’s episode to learn life lessons about never giving up and never trusting strangers that aren’t TACOCHEIF

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