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Daniel and Jordan love games, love talking about them and most of all they love you. The best gaming experiences or stories often come not from the hottest trends or newest games but from old classics that still hold up or discounted gems. Whether getting excited about bizarre crab games or finding great deals, there's always something to talk about when you're a patient player.

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EP50 - Among Us: K from the Abyss (feat. Keaton)


Do you have any idea how much an abyssal port connection costs? Doesn't matter, because it's time for Friend Keaton's All-Anime Podcast (unless we can help it) in this special 50th episode of Patient Players.

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EP49 - Spellbreak: Daniel Royale


This week on the Patient Players Podcast: Daniel finishes Undertale and Mortal Shell, explores the new battle royale Spellbreak, while Jordan discusses his career in conducting trains and driving in Smash Bros. Ultimate

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EP48 - Mario 3D All Stars: Large Luigi


What do $1500 video cards, Japanese Italian plumbers from New York and artificial scarcity economics have in common? Well they’re all in this podcast somehow! Oh yah and Jordan gets a girlfriend.

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EP47 - Mortal Shell: Impressions & Lute Boxes


What is going on with Mortal Shell? Come find out while Jordan and Daniel discuss games new and old but as always return to the most important topic: crabs.

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EP46: Microsoft Flight Sim—Patient Jordan’s Patient Airlines


Jordan’s back with plenty of games to talk about with his pals LEGO™ Mario and Daniel including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the Oculus Quest, Heroes of the Storm and Dead Cells

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EP45: The Messenger impressions (feat. Imran from The Jock and Nerd Podcast)


Featuring a special nerdy guest (Imran from the Jock and Nerd Podcast) on this week’s episode Daniel gives his impressions on playing The Messenger on Xbox Gamepass.

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EP44: Gameboy SP Elitism


Va-K-tion Gameboy SP Elitism Gourmet Feta Cheese Throne Where’s Satan?! Responsible Podcast Parents

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EP43: Carrion my Wayward Son


Daniel and Jordan show a little love to Microsoft (and Mario) this week as they talk about Paper Mario, deals they found on Gamepass, new games from the Game Showcase and... an old DS games?

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EP42: A Quarter of a Decade


Why are Jordan and Daniel on their phones so much? What problems in your life are you going to point a lightning gun at?... Besides the Internal Pommeranians of course. Find out in this week’s episode!

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EP41: Bitten by the Bloons Bug


After a much needed week off the boys are back, Daniel and Jordan talk through a plethora of exciting games and updates like Bloons 6, Nintendo Switches in every household and somehow Nier Automata comes up again. Play Celeste.

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