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Daniel and Jordan love games, love talking about them and most of all they love you. The best gaming experiences or stories often come not from the hottest trends or newest games but from old classics that still hold up or discounted gems. Whether getting excited about bizarre crab games or finding great deals, there's always something to talk about when you're a patient player.

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EP80 - We Need to Talk...


Did we say this was a tri-weekly podcast? Because apparently we meant tri-monthly. In this episode, Jordan and Daniel break the ice as they tell us how it may even become tri-yearly. And also video games. Duh.

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EP79 - Cryptbros Currency


When we said biweekly episodes we really meant triweekly... or not. Anyways we're back, and with a vengeance for cryptocurrencies everywhere. don't miss it or you'll be sad and stuff

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EP78 - Pokemon Snap RTX


The Bachelor Party’s are back with a vengeance as Daniel and Jordan hack and cough their way through discussions on Ray Tracing, Pokemon Snap, Subnautica Below Zero, Portal Reloaded and more!

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EP77 - Gorilla Tag & The Bad Case of the Bachelor Party’s


Have you ever wished to be a gorilla playing tag all throughout your home? I sure haven’t, that sounds dumb. But not if you’re Daniel and his Oculus Quest 2! Learn how F A S T I N T E R N E T can keep your monkey toes anywhere! Also Jordan’s sick lol

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EP76 - An Evil Genius 2 Surprise


Our first bi-weekly episode is packed full of revisiting some old favorites like Half Life Alyx, Hades, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hearthstone, Valheim and Omori. Also Evil Genius 2 came out and we completely forget until most of the way through the episode.

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EP75 - Hades Review and Spoilercast


The Patient Players take on their VERY FIRST REVIEW! Hear the ins and outs about Supergiant’s Hades in this week’s main topic but prepare for some juicy talk about Valheim servers running on a Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 and a special Playstation Surpri5

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EP74 - Six Ways Nintendo Can Ruin Diamond/Pearl Remakes


The Patient Players express a little format flexibility as we bring our first episode based on a discussion topic your way! Come talk about our favorite topic, Nintendo stank turds

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EP73 - Valheim Together and Hades Surprise


Jordan jumps in with Daniel and tries out Valheim as well as ANOTHER GAME THAT IS A SURPRISE AND DEFINITELY NOT IN THE TITLE

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EP72 - Valheim, Pokemon and Butt Rugs


After the tragedy of the lost episode 71, the Patient Players are back with big announcements and even bigger conversations about video games like Valheim, Pokemon Legends Arceus, Gunfire Reborn and even more!

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EP70 - Gunfire Reborn / Omori Gifts for All


"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Try-hard." "Try-hard who?" "I'm daniel and I'm a try-hard, even on accident when I can't find the crouch or dash buttons in my video games." Lol gottem. Only on patient players podcast.

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